History and meaning

Costa Rica has always been a key player in everything regarding ecological activities and sustainable tourism. As a country, it has always worked to ensure harmony between cultural, social, economical and environmental issues. The ICT (Costa Rican Institute of Tourism) has succeeded in transmitting to the whole tourism business the importance of sustainability: “21st century tourism must be sustainable or it will no longer survive” (www.visitcostarica.com). This is why the certification for sustainable tourism has become essential for any business that wishes to operate carrying on the ecological philosophy that Costa Rica transmits to the rest of the world.

Sustainability is measured in terms of leaves; numbered 1 through 5 (5 being the highest ranking position). Nowadays, around 130 hotels and 10 tour operators are proud recipients of the certification.

For this reason in the year 2007 Corteza Amarilla made the decision to obtain the CST certification. In the year 2008 we obtained 2 leaves after we decided to adopt responsible practices in various aspects of the hotel. However our journey was not over yet. We decided to keep up improving our ecological practices to obtain more leaves. In 2011 we had our second certification and obtained a third leaf.

For more information regarding this certification visit: www.desarrollo-sostenible.co.cr

Corteza Amarilla is environmentally friendly because:

– We recycle glass, plastic and aluminum.
– We have a compost program which we utilize as organic fertilizer for all our vegetation.
– We have an energy saving programs which is followed by all our staff and transmitted on to our guests.
– Our suppliers are all local and of national investors.
– We hire personnel from the local area.
– We help our community through donations to schools, care giving facilities, etc.
– We lend our facilities for special community oriented events.
– We participate in community programs to clean our communal areas.
– We worked with la Municipalidad de Santa Ana in sustainable programs.
– We have gardens surrounding our rooms to minimize the sun impact.

What can you do to help?

– Turn off the lights that are not in use.
– When you wash your clothes, remember to set the washer’s water level according to the load of clothes.
– Avoid using hot water in the washing machine.
– Turn off the monitor of your computer when not in use.
– Match the size of pot or pan to the heating element.
– When using the convection oven try to bake or warm several dishes at the same time.
– Whenever possible, reuse water.
– Ban the use of plastic ware such as cups, plates, forks, etc.
– Acquire products in large quantities or bulks.
– Bring your own bags when grocery shopping.
– Use biodegradable products.
– Use smart light bulbs.

There are many other ways you can help the environment. For more information visit:

If you are visiting Corteza Amarilla

How to help inside the hotel?

– We reject under any circumstances prostitution and child abuse
– Be a part of our water saving program. We actually love when you feel the need to be part of this great adventure!
– Help us recycle!. You will find several labeled bins along the hotel facilities.
– Please when you leave the hotel rooms turn off the lights, air conditioned, television, etc. Remember that our next generations will appreciate it!
– Please read our program to reduce the amount of towels and sheets we wash every day. Be part of this!
– Our staff is qualified to answer any kind of information during your stay in our beautiful Costa Rica. Count on them!
– To improve our services please feel free to fill out our survey. We will appreciate your opinion regarding our hotel!

How to help out of the hotel?

– Please don’t buy souvenirs that may endanger our natural resources, reject any product that may endangered our flora and fauna. Hel us preserve our Natural Resources!
– Don’t throw garbage. Our city looks nicer when you just see nature! Garbage is definitely not a part of it!
– Please don’t grab any plants or animals, please allow next generations to enjoy!
– Use tour operators, rent a car, hotels that have also CST. Remember that this certification guarantees that you are in place that protects and takes care of nature.
– Every National Park has its own regulations; please take a minute to learn them. It`s important to learn them so we can preserve our National parks.
– Please don’t be part of activities that promote prostitution.

Santa Ana – Brasil de Mora

Corteza Amarilla is located in the Central Valley at 840 meter above sea level. Since you land on the airport you will see that the CV is surrounded by marvelous green mountains. You will definitely feel in a magical place!!!!

The hotel belongs to San Jose Province which is the main city in Costa Rica and where the majority of the population is located. Inside this province there is a small town called Brasil de Mora which is where specifically Corteza Amarilla is located. A place which has diversity in all aspects and also it has grow significantly over the past years.

In Santa Ana you can enjoy the market every Sunday. Here you will find fresh vegetables and fruits. You will get to know the diversity of ingredients you can find in Costa Rica`s kitchen. Also you will see musicians, food stands, but the most important you will be part of a daily routine for Ticos during Sundays.